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TD Jakes Sermon – January 1 2021 (The Turning Point)

Source: TD Jakes Sermons

TD Jakes Sermon – January 1 2021 (The Turning Point) , This sermon is available in Free PDF , Sermon Notes and other files , kindly read the motivational words below.

Summary: TD Jakes Sermon – January 1 2021

Before we start listing or demanding all the things that we want take a moment to ask God what is it that He needs of us in 2021? Understand that our ways are not His neither are our thoughts like His so make sure you’re seeing things from a Godly perspective also. Ephesians 3:20 reminds us that God can do exceedingly and abundantly ABOVE anything that we ask or think, so what if we’ve been selling ourselves short with easy resolutions when God’s plan had us on a higher trajectory? I truly believe that in 2021 will be a year of individuality that God wants to do something exclusively in each of our lives that will also advance the Body of Christ corporately but we all must get our marching orders directly from Him. God knows your heart so don’t think His plan lacks what your heart desires, He loves you too much to leave you out. In 2021 get on the winning side and ask God what are His plans concerning your life and get ready to be BLOWN AWAY.

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