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TD Jakes Sermons 2021

Top 10 TD Jakes Sermons 2021 – Full List For January Edition

Source: TD Jakes Sermon Today

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TD Jakes Sermons 2021
TD Jakes Sermons 2021

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List Of Top 10 TD Jakes Sermons 2021:

1. What’s in Your Blind Spot? – Bishop T.D. Jakes

God isn’t done with your story. In fact it’s about to get to the good part. Just remain in place and allow God to play the rest out on your behalf. By the time He’s done your testimony will get a standing ovation. God is preparing something special behind the curtain. Get ready.

2. T.D. Jakes – Treasures in the Darkness

Good news. God doesn’t require for you to have it all together, but what you do need to have is the ability to move forward regardless of what played out in your past. Let’s face it, this year wasn’t easy, but understand that tough times make tougher people. Keep the past in the past and be prepared as well as excited to what God has planned for your future. In order to reach forward your hands cannot be tied behind you and trust me, your future will require all of your attention. If this year has taught us anything it’s in order to go higher, we must pack lightly which means letting what’s beneath you stay there in order to soar. You have goals, prizes and most importantly a heavenly reward ahead of you that your past is not invited to. It’s time to move on.

3. Keep It Moving: The Fear Factor – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Let them copy, let them imitate you but rest assured that even on their best day they can’t be you. Always remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God and the enemy is a counterfeit however what God placed in you is the REAL DEAL. So don’t worry about the flattery of those who try to short cut and copy your life, your anointing is the differentiator between their spectacle and how special you truly are.

4. I Didn’t Know I Was Me – Bishop T.D. Jakes

The Bible says that both Abraham and Lot were blessed when they were together, however after they went their separate ways only one remained blessed. Understand that from a distance anyone can look blessed while around you when truthfully it’s you who has all the favor. If there’s too much infighting going on in your camp NOW is the time to release yourself from the equation because without peace you cannot prosper. Don’t be afraid to let those who aren’t cut out for your destiny go because just like Abraham God reveals more of the blessings once the coast is clear. People never determine your blessings, God does. So if you are in an area in life that you’re needing more from God, look around your camp for eyes and ears who aren’t privy to your promise and let them go their own way. Don’t miss another miracle entertaining the wrong people around your blessings. Let them go.

5. The Power of His Presence – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Understand that what you carry is important and should be guarded because not everyone who gathers around has the best intentions. Living in such dark times requires the right light and not everyone has access to their own oil in order to keep things burning bright. Stop allowing people to misuse your giftings and talents for their own benefit because God values what He placed in you. Instead, point them to God because this season requires a deeper seek and relationship with God than ever before. Your oil will be essential in the upcoming season, make sure foolish people aren’t calling dibs on something that you were qualified to carry all by yourself. Your oil ain’t for everybody.

6. Chain Breaker | Bishop T.D. Jakes

Don’t ever feel bad after making a decision regarding your life, keep in mind that God put you in charge of your own happiness. If they react against you their motives never favored you in the first place, which is indication where they belong. One of the best things that can come out of your life decisions is the clarity it brings after its made. Decide your direction and they can either follow suit or fall off. Stop stressing over what people think because your blessings don’t come from them, they come from above. You’ll never find freedom living bound to opinions. If your heart is happy and you find peace in God then step out knowing that your steps are ordered by Him. Haters will never be happy so why worry about pleasing them today?

7. TD Jakes – Grounded In Finances

Have you ever felt like the walls were closing in or that you keep sinking down into a state of sadness, even when that isn’t normally like you? We all deal with depression and during a year such as this one it only seems to be amplified. But I’ve come to encourage you to reach out of your rut for God’s hand is closer than you think. All you have to do is reach for God and watch Him pull you out of despair and set your feet on a strong foundation. Stop reaching for people because truthfully, they might be in the same mud that you’re treading in so they aren’t in the position to adequately rescue you. Put your faith in God because only He is forever faithful and He won’t let you down. Your rescue is closer than you realize, all you have to do is REACH out for God’s hand.

8. Dedication 2 Destiny – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Psalm 126:6 “Those who wept as they went out carrying the seed will come back singing for joy, as they bring in the harvest.”
Though many things bought us to tears this year I promise you it wasn’t in vain. Every tear, every drop and every seed has a purpose and it will prosper at the time of harvest. Look forward to coming back celebrating your harvest with hearts full of joy singing a new song. God saw every tear this year and He will turn your situation around to a joyous occasion.

9. Bigger Than You Think – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Remember that any time that the odds aren’t in your favor that is the perfect recipe for God to get into the mix of things. Don’t settle for the comfortable conditions everyone else is using because sometimes God needs to separate you from the pack in order to have you stand alone victoriously. Realize that everybody’s armor won’t fit you because God is your protection, not man. All you need is your slingshot and your faith and let God do the rest. In fact, if you step out in faith God will supply you with the sword of your enemies in order to finish the job. Find your victory in Him and allow faith to outfit your future not the things of this world.

10. The Backside of Better – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Have you ever questioned, “Is your assignment really worth it?”, after dealing with so much opposition from every angle? And it feels like the harder you try the more you’re opposed? Feeling like this definitely confirms one thing, you are carrying something special. Realize that your enemies will never pursue something that’s of little to no value to them, so if you see an increase in attack that means where you’re headed is better than you expected. Don’t get weary in your well doing because you are closer to the point of promotion than you even realize. And rest assured that even though the weapons pointed towards you form and might seem intimidating they will never prosper. Keep pushing because though there’s opposition around there’s also an entire world who need the value that you offer.

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